We are pleased to inform you that the company Silicon Laboratories presented a number of new innovative products:  


1.     High performance digital isolators series Si86xx:


 insulation voltage: 5 kVRMS

 exceptional electromagnetic protection

 ultra-low consumption

 1 -, 2 -, 4 - and 6-channel, unidirectional and bidirectional

 AEC-Q100 certified

2. Wireless MCU family Si10XX:


 lowest active - 160 μA / MHz and sleep - 10 nA consumptionon the market

 integrated RF-transceiver 240-960 MHz

 sensitivity of -121 dBm

 +20 dBm output power

 8-64 kB FLASH

3. The most advanced single-chip 2-channel proSLIC Si3226x:


 integrated two complete FXS channel

 lowest consumption on the market

 the smallest footprint on the board and the lowest BOM on the market

 QFN60 - 8X8 mm

 integrated DC-DC converters

 ideal for VoIP CPE, FTTH routers, DSL EMT